Expertise You Can Trust


The wealth of experience gained enables the US Power solutions team to tackle complete defined diesel, HFO & NG projects (either individually or as a sub-contractor as part of a larger main construction project) at a fixed cost. The team coordinates its activities and liaises with the customer to ensure the suitability of equipment for the application and completion in the most economic fashion.

Our analysis for each project differs in its scale, complexity, and status. But for the best result, we study hard to accomplish a project successfully.

Broadly we have dealt in the following products:

  • Sound Proof Enclosures


  • Room Acoustic Solutions


  • Crane Girders Fabrication


  • UL Certified Cylindrical Tanks


  • Transformers & Substation Modules


  • Fire Rated Enclosures


  • Drop Over Canopies


  • Critical Grade Mufflers


  • Large Diesel & HFO Machine Installation


  • Structural Steel Fabrication