Unique Solutions, with its corporate office located in Dubai, provides solutions to all your needs.

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Unique Solutions, with its corporate office located in Dubai, provides solutions to all your needs. We strive to provide our customers with nothing short of the most reliable and premium products available in the market today. With a wide range of services, we have focused on researching, manufacturing, and installing the best technology products.

Certified and highly experienced professionals

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We’re Providing Quality


Vast Experience in after-sales and Service in India, the Middle East, Africa.

Experts in Electrical Panels and Engines with quality service.

Specialist in mechanical,Electrical , Combined Electro-Mechanical to provide efficient services to customers and Project handling.

24*7 Basic Customer Service Support Facility.


The wealth of experience gained enables the US Power solutions team to tackle complete defined diesel, HFO & NG projects (either individually or as a sub-contractor as part of a larger main construction project) at a fixed cost. The team co-ordinates its activities and liaises with the customer to ensure the suitability of equipment for the application and completion in the most economic fashion.


We Provide

On Site Warranty /Out of warranty Service

Annual Maintenance Contract

Complete Operation and maintenance Contract

Engine Major overhauling

Top end overhauling on Site

  • There are multiple reasons gensets should undergo a load bank test on an annual basis,
  • To Verifies the gensets capabilities opposed to just routinely starting it up.
  • Problems discovered early can be significantly less expensive and prevents future major issues.
  • Our technical team support can upgrade the existing control systems to new design configurations.
  • Manual Start-up to Auto mode of operation during Mains failure.
  • Manual Start-up to ATS type Auto Start/Stop. AMF to Synchronization Panel.

Obtaining further information by make a contact with our experienced staffs.

We’re available for 24 hours a day!


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